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Louisiana iris for sale
Iris heaven
Colour of irises


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Louisiana iris for sale

updated catalogue due out soon....but feel free to contact me  or on facebook

Iris heaven

Who is enjoying this beautiful weather in the North? Such a great opportunity to tidy up the garden. Another fantastic season to come.

Colour of irises

With a taste of spring suddenly the garden takes on a new light. Tidy up time after not too bad a winter apart from the odd one in fifty year storm. I have a love of many flowers but irises are at the top of the list. I have planted a few Dutch Irises over the years and am hoping for a good show this year. But you cant beat the Louisianas for a good show of colour. From blue to red. Nothing compare to the beautiful velvet blue of Blue Shield.


Where we would be without daughters I would not know....myself...I wouldnt have this fantastic website without my daughter Brynn. I have three daughters and two daughter in laws and they are all as beautiful as my irises.


Oh my goodness...when are we going to get some rain.
Thankfully the Louisiana are tough and can stand a fair amount of dry...but the poor farmers in cant be easy. without Kikuya it would look like South Africa.

high summer

come on people...gardeners...people with is the time!!! Have a good look at your garden now in the height of summer....have a vision... and fill those gaps...WITH IRISES!!! versatile as any plant can be. Easily posted as a rhisome. So come on gardeners, get your irises in for next seasons blooms.


Honestly, I always plan on keeping this blog up to date so much more often than I do, but it seems to drop off the radar as the year ticks on by.
So much work has gone into the gardens since my last post but always something else beckoning.
Whangarei Quarry gardens had a sub-tropical plant sale recently which they hope will become an annual event. It was fantastic and people were arriving armed with wheelbarrows. I had a little spend. Some for me and some for my work garden.
Anyway the Louisiana irises are all in good condition with all seed heads cut off and mulching an ongoing affair.

flowering season?

It is always so difficult to predict the first flowers of the season. Many garden groups have come here on their designated club day being the 1st Monday or whatever and been disappointed in the amount of flowers open...but leave it another month and they are beginning to be past their best.
Labour weekend is usually the peak of the season but unfortunately I will be away for the weekend and so I urge visitors to come the weekend before or the weekend after.
National dog agility show in Cambridge labour weekend. A chance to see some brilliant dog handling. And boohoo to the English judge on NZ got talent who didnt like our Chelsea.Any dog can do that...yea right

louisiana iris flower spikes

Flower spikes everywhere at the moment. The few bearded iris I have are proudly showing off huge flower spikes. I just love those first flowers and the colours. So intense and velvetty. And the Louisianas are waving in the wind, sturdy as ever. Love those irises.

Sppprring ! !

Today is what you would call a typical spring day at the iris patch....sunny spells followed by big dark rainclouds...and then sunshine again. Usually goes like this....get gumboots on, go outside and a nasty squall comes over. So back inside I go and out comes the sun. I think I may be trying to rush things.
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