The Iris Patch - Planting & Maintenance

When planting or dividing Louisiana Irises, cut back the foliage but not the roots. 
The rhizome is best planted a few centimeters below soil level. 
Roots can be spread over a mound of soil to ensure no air pockets remain around them. 
Plants that make suitable companions for Louisiana iris in standing water include water lilies, both the hardy and tropical types; water hyacinth, water poppy, water lettuce, duckweed, lobelia cardinalis, papyrus, arum lilies, Green Goddess lily and water hibiscus. 
As marginal or bog plants, arum lily, Green Goddess lily and papyrus are suitable.


The growing season runs from Autumn through Winter to flower in Spring.
Mulching is most important to retain moisture, add to humus and to protect the rhizome from the sun during its dormant Summer period.

Plant rhizomes 1-2 inches below the soil and as with most irises, life and divide every 3 years or so.
Fertilise often with acid fertiliser e.g. Rhododendron or Citrus fertiliser.

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