The Iris Patch - Specialising in Louisiana Iris - based in Whangarei, New Zealand
Welcome to the Iris Patch "Spring 2014 is here and has been a wet and windy one so far....."

At The Iris Patch based in Whangarei,New Zealand, the thing that keeps us going is seeing happy gardeners and providing them a top quality service. It is important to us, as we get great satisfaction knowing that our plants grace many gardens all over New Zealand.
  • Louisiana iris is an ideal garden plant for a bog situation or for growing in standing water
  • A great plant for your landscaping needs, ideal on the edge of ponds and lakes or in ditches.    

  • They will bloom spectacularly in ordinary garden conditions as long as the general rule to keep beds moist during the growing season is followed.
Thank you for visiting - take a look around at the various colour range in the irises, keep up to with our blog, find out where we are on theordering page and on how to order. 
We welcome guests to the Iris Patch in Whangarei so if you want to come and take a tour contact us.  Best time is in late Spring.
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